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About the Purple People Feeder

This is where we are supposed to give you a little run down on our truck. Well.... the idea started while I was making breakfast for the kids and some friends one morning. I made bacon, eggs and traditional Belgian waffles. We were in a rush to eat and get out of the house for some activity that we were heading to. So it made perfect sense to put it all between two waffles and eat it in the car. To my surprise... The kids loved the idea... so much so, that it became a family favourite for special occasions. Eventually, we decided to try various combinations in the waffle sandwiches... and voila! The idea was born. I worked my way through college in a restaurant kitchen and I have always been a foodie at home. I've also owned numerous businesses over the years... so opening a Food Truck Business was a natural progression for me. 3 Years and hundreds of trial and error recipes later... I own a food truck. So... there you have it!

That's how it all started. Now... lets talk about what you really want to know about... THE FOOD!!

I would consider our truck to be specialized in International Waffle Fusion food. In simpler terms, I create a menu that consists of various food truck favorites and give them a waffle twist. Our waffles are created from scratch by combining various flour types with water, yeast, eggs and a number of secret ingredients. The dough then rises for a minimum of 24 hours. We then incorporate Belgian Pearl Sugar into the dough and cook it at a very specific temperature on our flame and cast iron waffle grill. This creates a crunchy crust over the surface of the soft bread waffle. There are also some hidden pockets of caramelized pearl sugar throughout the waffle creating a sweet crunch that you are guaranteed to LOVE!! Our savoury waffles are used to create sandwiches, burgers and other savoury type menu items. The recipe is the same, but we roll less Pearl Sugar into the dough. This allows for some sweetness to remain but will not overpower the waffle so that it can be used as a burger bun or sandwich bread. If you like the sweet and salty combo (and lets be honest... who doesn't!!), then these burgers and sandwiches are for you.

The next time you order a $20 burger at your favourite gourmet restaurant, ask the server if the chef bakes the burger bun himself or is it ordered from a bakery... or a restaurant supplier. Our waffle buns are baked directly on our waffle iron at the time you place your order. Always fresh, made specifically for your order. That's the only way we know how to do it. Come Taste The Difference!!

leige dough cooking.jpg

Customer Testimonials

“Awesome food and even better service!! Absolutely love this place!!”

Lacey Zwicker, Sept 21, 2018

“Find the truck, eat the food...thank me later.”

Ron Mcleod, Aug 24, 2018

“O-M-G the Cluk-Cluk chicken sandwich, you must so good!! I wasn’t sure about the waffle but hands down the best chicken sandwich ever!!”

Suzanne Boudreau, Aug 20, 2018

“Stopped in and had "The Feeder" waffle burger with all the trimmings!!! Holy awesome goodness. Who’d have thought a waffle ‘bun’ and a beef patty could be that good. Even got a peanut butter waffle for the pup! Thanks Matt and Nicole. We’ll be back. Yum.”

Dave Kerr, Jun 3, 2018

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